3 Friday / January 3, 2014

Inside Edge: Live Music Post-New-Year’s Celebaration

08:00 pm to 11:30 pm
The Back Door, 217 S. College, Behind Atlas Bar

Don’t ya hate it when the Holiday’s end? How about one last fling before going back to work?

You NEED a shot of the Inside Edge at Bloomington’s #1 Alternative Dance Club, the Back Door?

• Marta Jasick & The U-Station Agents: Contemporary Folk

• Paige Talbert & The Last 35: Indie Rock

• The Kimmie & Johnny Trailer Trash Combo: Irreverent Cow Punk

• Donna Barbick Carlton: Middle Eastern Bellydance

• The Business (Formerly “Old Kinderhook”): High-Powered Progressive Americana

• PLUS incidental acoustic music from Johnny Profane & Friends…

What’s a night out at Inside Edge like?

It’s celebrating life on the edge. Music: Indie Rock, Punk, Outlaw Country, Post-Americana. Comedy: with a sting so sly you hardly notice, til ya bleed a little. Dance: Belly Dance, Post-Post Interpretive. Magic: beyond Cirque Du Soleil.

Some people dig roots music. Some, indie rock. Some, our own “punch in your nose” Altcountry/Rockabilly sound.

But good music is, well, GOOD. All these “inside edge” genres are just different enough, sophisticated enough that you fans overlap.

So we mix a cocktail of Roots blues, AltRock, and mebbe a truly hip spoken word/HipHop sound…. PLUS the kind of face-to-face interaction with up-and-coming musicians right there on the dance floor you’d NEVER get anywhere else–even with a backstage pass!!!

Whaddya know! We got an interesting evening….

And this is just the beginning!

Once a month, we’ll open the doors at the Back Door — Bloomington’s most elegant alternative dance club — to up-and-coming interesting bands who need a shot, plus at least one more established band a night.

With music — and comedy and more — that appeals more to 30+ A D U L T S than the barely-legal-to-drink set.

PLUS, there’s a CONTEST! The audience votes for the best band of the night. And the top 2 bands take home some hard-earned bucks. Along with overdue bragging rights!

Imagine a dark, cozy, intimate nightclub dressed with white tablecloths and people sipping martinis.

And couples dancing….

Imagine a REAL night out. To a galaxy far far FAR away…..

Imagine yrslf and yer sweetie at “Cabaret Inside Edge,” hosted by Kimmie & Johnny….


Bring your dancing shoes!

Cost: $4 @ door

For more information contact:

Johnny Profane
[email protected]

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