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Reward Yourself With a Lawnmower Beer

One of my favorite summer memories is my childhood task of bringing my dad a beer after he finished mowing our big backyard—a half-acre kickball/soccer/wiffleball field that certainly earned him a cold one. So as summer rolls into Bloomington, I find myself turning to “lawnmower beers”—brews that are light enough to quench my thirst but flavorful enough to seem like a reward after gardening or mowing.

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Afraid of Grappa? Don’t Be

Grappa is a misunderstood drink in this country and deserves more positive attention than it gets. I ask friends to try it, but after one sniff (the braver ones take a taste) they wrinkle their noses and push it away, the scaredy cats.

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Silly Wines & Sexist Labels

In the October 30 edition of The Wall Street Journal, wine columnist Lettie Teague asks “Do Women Really Want Wine That’s Sweet, Pink and Silly?” expressing her outrage at wines that pander to women with their sexist labels.

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Brut IPA Craze: Some Like It Dry

Last spring, I wrote about an emerging craze in craft brewing—a hazy, “juicy” IPA that brought a rich mouthfeel and sweet edge to this hop-heavy style. In the spirit of the ever-changing beer scene, this spring I invite you to try the newest IPA craze, which happens to be the exact opposite of last year’s Big New Thing.

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