10th Annual Wedding Guide: Make It Your Own

BY JULIE GRAY AND CARMEN SIERING Whether the proposal was a complete surprise or expected, as soon as the decision was made, the planning began on the four weddings featured in our 10th Annual Wedding Guide. The couples made sure their weddings reflected who they are and what they value. Aubrey Wathen and Jordan Hulls’ traditional ceremony was followed by a reception appropriately held in Indiana University’s Henke Hall of Champions. For Megan Tippmann and Ryan Kemp, it was most important that their friends and family have a relaxed, wonderful time. Alexis Fuson and Stefan Coonan live in Chicago, but the IU alums went all-out Hoosier for their big day. Michal Adut and DeJohn Rose had a beautiful, traditional Jewish wedding held in an unorthodox setting […]

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Cover Story: College Sports in Crisis

BY MIKE LEONARD Renowned sportswriter and commentator Frank Deford is unsparing in his criticism of intercollegiate athletics. “It is an inequitable system. It is immoral, un-American, and can’t be justified in any form,” he tells Bloom. “Look at the money we make off predominantly poor black kids,” former Louisiana State University basketball coach Dale Brown has said. “We’re the whoremasters.” The Big Ten Conference’s own, in-depth report, released last April, is almost breathtaking in its assessment of the current state of college sports. “We are at a critical moment in the evolution of intercollegiate athletics. Intense pressure has been brought to bear by media scrutiny, Congressional scrutiny, litigation, and unionization efforts. Central to much of the criticism is the notion, […]

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