WFIU Launches Second FM Station So Listeners Can Pick Talk or Music

BY BARB BERGGOETZ Choosing between classical music and quality news programming during the day is now easier for Bloomington listeners with the arrival of a new public radio channel — WFIU2. WFIU (103.7 FM) launched WFIU2 (101.9 FM), allowing Bloomington-area listeners to pick up FM radio programming that had previously been available only online or on HD radio for the last 10 years. The station also added the same programming at 100.1 FM in Seymour, Indiana. The move was made this fall to better serve WFIU’s two main audiences — classical music listeners and news followers — and to attract new listeners, says WFIU Operations Director John Bailey. Another reason for the additional station, he adds, is that despite talk […]

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There’s a Healthy Appetite for WFIU’s ‘Earth Eats’

BY CARROL KRAUSE What local radio show easily outperforms both This American Life and Fresh Air on Twitter? The answer is Indiana Public Media’s Earth Eats, aired Saturday mornings on WFIU and hosted by Annie Corrigan. With 329,000 Twitter followers [in February 2015], it gathers about 100 new followers every day and is one of the most popular Twitter accounts for any public media program. Corrigan points out, “This American Life has 275,000 followers while Fresh Air has 191,000 [also in February]. We’re really, really proud of — and baffled by — that.” The show airs at 7:30 a.m., a perfect time for local foodies who are getting ready to go to the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market. “Listeners come to […]

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A Hoosier Holiday Feast

BY LEE ANN SANDWEISS During the holidays, many dream of going over the river and through the woods to a house where a fire blazes in a big stone hearth and commingling aromas of fresh cooked meats and treats fill the air. Growing up in Columbus, Indiana, Daniel Orr, chef/owner of FARMbloomington, had that idyllic experience every year at the home of artist Gretchen Marks, a family friend who lives in a rustic wonderland between Columbus and Nashville, Indiana. Orr recently returned to Marks’ home with his mother, Mary Lu Orr, and a crew from WFIU Public Radio to recreate—and document—the kind of traditional Hoosier holiday feast he enjoyed as a boy. Read the entire story here. Click here to […]

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B-town’s WFIU Creating Programs Heard Nationwide

BY CARMEN SIERING Public radio fans know Bloomington’s WFIU offers classical music and jazz, as well as informational and news programming. What they may not realize is that many of the local programs they enjoy are broadcast nationwide. “We’ve been active in syndication for twenty years, and dabbling in it for close to thirty,” says John Bailey, director of marketing and communication for WFIU. One of the station’s longest-running syndicated programs is Harmonia, which features music from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. Launched in 1991, the show began national syndication in 1995, with more than 80 stations signing on in the first week. Night Lights, a weekly one-hour jazz program that debuted in 2004, is another locally produced music program […]

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FARMbloomington, A 3-Ring Culinary Circus!

BY CHRISTINE BARBOUR If there is one thing FARMbloomington‘s Chef Daniel Orr should be famous for (and actually there are several), it is his buttermilk biscuits. Made from his great-grandmother’s recipe, they are a wonder—light, tender, sweet, and rich. Sitting in FARM’s sunny dining room with a basket of biscuits, a pot of Orr’s piquant apple butter, and a steaming cup of coffee, you can’t help but get your day off to a pretty good start. But FARM is a three-ring culinary circus, with Orr as the ringleader, and breakfast is only the opening act. No matter how good the biscuits and gravy, or the local Rhodes Family Farms egg omelets, or the Big Barn Sticky Nut Buns, there is […]

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