Bell Trace and College Mall Team Up for Senior Wellness

Susan Stryker leads the pack; behind her are (l-r) Richard Stryker, Mac Fleming, and Gaye Moore. Photo by James Kellar BY JANET MANDELSTAM Those folks striding through College Mall in the morning aren’t early bird shoppers — they’re Bloomington-area seniors getting their exercise. Mall walking isn’t new, but it got a formal boost when Bell Trace, a senior living community, teamed up with College Mall in October to offer an enhanced walking program. Walkers register to participate in the program, which is held on the first and third Mondays of the month from 8–10 a.m., times they won’t have to compete with crowds heading for stores and restaurants since mall businesses don’t open until 10 a.m.    The program is [...]

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Davina Two Bears Hosts WFHB Native American Music Show

BY PETER DORFMAN Davina Two Bears didn’t come to Bloomington to educate the community about Native American music. An opportunity presented itself and she took it. The Indiana University doctoral candidate in anthropology hosts the WFHB Sunday morning radio show Native Spirit, which features diverse selections by Native American musicians. She didn’t create the show, but since August 2010 she has given it an authentic voice. A previous host — a young French woman — invited Two Bears into the studio to share music and talk about her native Navajo experience. When her host suggested she learn to be a disc jockey, Two Bears quickly agreed. On the first and last Sunday of each month, she plays the music she […]

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Saturday Is Cricket Day in Rev. Ernest D. Butler Park

BY PETER DORFMAN Bloomingtonians strolling through Rev. Ernest D. Butler Park on a Saturday afternoon in spring or summer expecting to see youth baseball have instead been surprised by the sight of baseball’s distant cousin, the genteel, Old World game of cricket. A cousin cricket might be, but it doesn’t look anything like baseball. With a stiff-armed, running delivery, the “bowler” pitches the ball to the “batsman,” who swings a flattened, oar-like bat. Instead of circling the bases to score runs, batsmen run back and forth between two “wickets” while the ball is in play. “A lot of people have vaguely heard of cricket and are surprised to see it played in Bloomington,” says Dhairya Gala, a software engineer and […]

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Indelible Images: 10 Years of Bloom Magazine Photography (Cover Story)

We at Bloom love photography, and over the past 10 years, we’ve published more than 6,000 images, most taken by local photographers. We know that you, our readers, also appreciate good photography — you tell us so when we meet around town and in the letters and emails you send to us. In the following pages, we present some of our favorite pictures from the past decade. We hope that we’ve selected some of your favorites as well. Bloom has been fortunate, as an unusual number of talented photographers reside in our city. A fair number have passed through as well. The supremely gifted Steve Raymer, who worked for National Geographic for 25 years, took many of our favorites during […]

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Wrapped in Love

“Let Love Bloom,” a tree sweater in honor of Toby Strout, the recently retired executive director of Middle Way House, was officially dedicated on Friday, October 7. The tree was sponsored by Toby’s daughter Anna Strout and Bloom Magazine. Pictured at the dedication are actor Jesse Eisenberg, a major Middle Way supporter; Toby Strout; Anna Strout; actor and special guest Diane Neal of Law & Order fame; her boyfriend, magician JB Benn; and Bloom editor and publisher Malcolm Abrams. The “Let Love Bloom” tree is located on the south side of Kirkwood near The Uptown Café. The tree sweater is one of several in a public art installation downtown called Wrapped in Love created to raise awareness and funds for […]

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