Bloom’s 11th Annual Wedding Guide – Pleasant Surprises! (photo gallery)

Jourdan Eastling (left) and Sarah Hugus share a quiet moment after their ceremony. Photo by Icarus Photography PLEASANT SURPRISES! Couples who have been together for years can still find ways to surprise each another — or be surprised. Such was the case for each of the four couples featured in our 11th Annual Wedding Guide. For Carolyn Chang and Chris Wells, that surprise came from a change of venue. While they had planned an outdoor ceremony at the Rose Well House, a special site where they shared a magical midnight kiss, showers forced the ceremony into Indiana Memorial Union’s Tudor Room. Jourdan Eastling and Sarah Hugus had an even bigger surprise — the fact that they could get married at [...]

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‘A winter’s day In a deep and dark 
December’ (photo gallery)

Photo by Stephen Sproull   Saturday, December 10, 2016 Bloom Magazine’s 3rd Take a Picture Day It was indeed the kind of winter’s day Paul Simon was thinking of when he wrote, “I Am a Rock”; it was “deep and dark” and mighty cold, too. On December 10, 2016, the sun rose at 7:55 a.m. EST and set at 5:23 p.m. The high temperature was 29 degrees Fahrenheit; the low, 20 degrees. The day was mostly overcast, although the sun did break through for a few brief intervals. It was the kind of cold, silent day where most Bloomingtonians chose to hunker down indoors. We had hoped for snow. Our first Take a Picture Day for summer took place on [...]

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December’ (photo gallery)"

IndiGo Birding Nature Tours: A Passion Became a Business (Photo Gallery)

BY BARB BERGGOETZ David Rupp is at home in the woods and knows where and when to spot birds of all types. He started IndiGo Birding Nature Tours in 2014 to share his expertise with anyone interested in following him. “In Indiana, we have a lot of areas for bird watching that people don’t know about,” Rupp says. “I’m trying to expose people to the beauty of Indiana. It’s fun to share that enthusiasm with others.” Rupp says his tours appeal to people who have an interest in the outdoors and learning about birds, as well experienced birders. “I consider myself as much of an educator as a guide,” says Rupp. He’s been birding for 20 years and was formerly […]

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There’s Plenty to Do at Lake Monroe in Winter

BY BARB BERGGOETZ Just because temperatures dip doesn’t mean activities at Lake Monroe slow down. Hearty souls can camp, boat, and hike year-round at Paynetown State Recreation Area (SRA). Hikers can use designated trails, or they can explore off-trail by themselves, which is allowed on state reservoir property, says Jill Vance, a Lake Monroe interpretive naturalist. Motorized boats are permitted on the lake as long as ramps are not icy, and guests can canoe and kayak throughout winter, Vance says. The Paynetown camp site is open throughout the winter with walk-in registration. Those looking for organized recreational activities can take part in a host of programs at Lake Monroe. The Winter Exploration Hike Series, which started in January, lets people […]

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