Misguided Tours Explores 
What’s Funny, Fascinating & Weird About Bloomington

BY SUSAN M. BRACKNEY Sharon Porter Phillips gushes like an excited teen with a new car as she describes her limo bus. “It has everything a limousine has, only bigger. Laser lights. Built-in ice chest. A killer sound system that vibrates the entire bus. It’s really fun,” she says. The bus is the vehicle that takes clients around town on Phillips’ Misguided Tours, which offers off-beat history, mystery, and comedy trips around Bloomington. A professional actor for more than 40 years, Phillips rubbed elbows with Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Woody Allen, and Barbra Streisand, among others, when she was acting in New York City, but followed her husband to Bloomington about 16 years ago when he came to work at […]

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What’s Funny, Fascinating & Weird About Bloomington"

Filmworks: Maker of Those IU Super-Success Story Promos

BY KATHY JONAS In the time it takes to eat an apple or brew a cup of coffee, Jo Throckmorton, maker of TV commercials, tells the stories of billionaire sportsman Mark Cuban, soprano Ailyn Pérez, and ESPN broadcaster Sage Steele. “It’s all about differentiation,” Throckmorton says of the commercials, which were created for Indiana University to illustrate the value of an IU education as opposed to an education elsewhere. “Why would you want to leave your home and come to this place? How can we help you achieve what you want to achieve?” Throckmorton is the owner of Filmworks, a Bloomington media and production company, and is also an adjunct instructor in The Media School at IU. “Each commercial is […]

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