Got a Musical Instrument Forgotten in the Attic? Let ChIRP Loan It to a Child

BY MOLLY BRUSH As a community orchestra, Bloomington Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn to play and appreciate music. But for some families, the cost of purchasing and maintaining an instrument can prevent their children from participating in music lessons and developing musical skills. To help, the BSO created the Children’s Instrument Recovery Program (ChIRP). “We want music to be accessible to those who, for various reasons, cannot get instruments on their own,” says bassist Audrey Williams, president of the BSO board of directors and director of ChIRP. Founded in 2001 by former BSO board member Frank Galiani, ChIRP loans instruments to children at no cost. The loan is for a period […]

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New Owners of Bakehouse Bring New Ideas, Menu, Hours

BY MOLLY BRUSH If you’ve visited the Bakehouse on Bloomington’s downtown Square in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed some changes. For one thing, it’s no longer the Scholars Inn Bakehouse — it’s now Black Canyon Bakehouse. It also has a new look and a new menu. The transformation is due to the efforts of the restaurant’s new owners, Ken Davenport and Garrett Hibiske. The two bought both the downtown Bakehouse and Scholars Inn Gourmet Café & Wine Bar from Lyle Feigenbaum in November 2015. Davenport and Hibiske, who also own Black Canyon Restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, set out to bring a fresh approach to the Bakehouse, starting with improvements to the interior, including new paint and lighting. […]

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Charlotte Hess: Fascinated by Life’s Patterns (Photo Gallery)

BY MOLLY BRUSH Artist Charlotte Hess has had a lifelong fascination with patterns. One of her earliest memories is of lying in her crib as a baby and tracing the pattern of a quilt with her finger. That enduring interest is evident in Hess’ solo exhibit, Community, on display at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center. The show features more than 30 framed oil pastel and chalk pastel paintings, as well as a number of unframed drawings. Hess’ works are all abstract pieces that explore patterns, textures, and round forms. Her most recent work focuses on the intersection of patterns in the human and natural worlds. She encourages viewers to approach abstract art with an open mind. “Open up […]

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Mild-Mannered Architect Doug Bruce Savors Alternate Life in the Fast Lane

BY MOLLY BRUSH Architect Doug Bruce’s passion for racing first took root when he was growing up near the Bloomington Speedway, where he watched sprint cars race around the dirt track. It grew during annual trips to the Indianapolis 500 with his grandfather. When he was in high school, his father bought a vintage Triumph Spit re, sparking in him a lifelong love of classic British sports cars. It was this combination of racing fandom and an affinity for classic cars that led Bruce, owner of Bloomington-based Tabor/ Bruce Architecture & Design, to vintage racing in 2007. By then the owner of a 1966 Austin-Healey 3000 and a 1968 Austin-Healey Sprite, Bruce attended his first vintage race that summer, watching […]

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