Bloom’s 11th Annual Wedding Guide – Pleasant Surprises! (photo gallery)

Jourdan Eastling (left) and Sarah Hugus share a quiet moment after their ceremony. Photo by Icarus Photography PLEASANT SURPRISES! Couples who have been together for years can still find ways to surprise each another — or be surprised. Such was the case for each of the four couples featured in our 11th Annual Wedding Guide. For Carolyn Chang and Chris Wells, that surprise came from a change of venue. While they had planned an outdoor ceremony at the Rose Well House, a special site where they shared a magical midnight kiss, showers forced the ceremony into Indiana Memorial Union’s Tudor Room. Jourdan Eastling and Sarah Hugus had an even bigger surprise — the fact that they could get married at [...]

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Feature Story: Black History in Indiana — A Different Perspective (Photo Gallery)

BY DOUGLAS WISSING, ART BY SHANNON ZAHNLE Read the full story here! (Additional photos can be found at the bottom of this page.) A different color of skin gives you a different perspective on Indiana’s past 200 years. In this bicentennial year, it’s important to incorporate and honor that perspective and the extraordinary contributions that African-Americans have made to Indiana in politics, law, education, entertainment, sports, business, and the everyday work of serving community and family — often achieved only by overcoming vicious and systemic racism. Indiana’s preeminent historian James H. Madison, an Indiana University professor emeritus, says revealing the oft-veiled stories of African-Americans is complicated. “It’s a question of ambiguity; it’s a question of difficulty. Even in the 21st century, […]

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Nick’s English Hut, Still the Same, Well, Almost

BY CHRISTINE BARBOUR In the same Kirkwood Avenue location for 69 years, owned by the same man for 49 of them, Nick’s English Hut is all about tradition and permanence. On game weekends, alumni visit for a shot of nostalgia and a beer chaser, maybe a strom or a pizza. Current IU students find their way to the darkened bar, its walls plastered with the memorabilia of long-gone generations, to create their own memories, their own reasons to return. The one thing they can count on is that this cherished Bloomington institution doesn’t change. Much. To help ensure continuity, owner Dick Barnes brought in two managing partners in 2005, Rags and Mugsy, who sound like cartoon characters but are really […]

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