Bloom’s 11th Annual Wedding Guide – Pleasant Surprises! (photo gallery)

Jourdan Eastling (left) and Sarah Hugus share a quiet moment after their ceremony. Photo by Icarus Photography PLEASANT SURPRISES! Couples who have been together for years can still find ways to surprise each another — or be surprised. Such was the case for each of the four couples featured in our 11th Annual Wedding Guide. For Carolyn Chang and Chris Wells, that surprise came from a change of venue. While they had planned an outdoor ceremony at the Rose Well House, a special site where they shared a magical midnight kiss, showers forced the ceremony into Indiana Memorial Union’s Tudor Room. Jourdan Eastling and Sarah Hugus had an even bigger surprise — the fact that they could get married at [...]

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Shopping Local with Kaye: Bloomington Sidewalk Sale

One day, as I was absently scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw three words that made my mouse stop dead on its track pad: Bloomington Sidewalk Sale. I immediately clicked on the event and added it to my calendar. And did a little dance in my office chair. So, here is a rundown of my first Bloomington Sidewalk Sale experience. Be ready next year, shoppers! This event, organized by the new Bloomington Fashion Collective, was amazing! First off, I was handed a brochure that mapped out all the locations participating in the Sidewalk Sale. This was super helpful — I planned my route and shopped along until I got rained out. 1) AZ Vintage TONS of clothing and a few […]

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Shopping Local with Kaye: 8 for Under $20

    Need some last minute gifts to round out your gift giving? Here are some local ideas that will surely have your gift recipient ooh-ing and ahh-ing. On/Near the Square: There’s something so traditional and lovely about shopping for holiday gifts around a town square. The lights, the people, the shop owners … it’s a feeling that invokes cheer and spirit. So, pop a few quarters into a meter and shop with me! 1) Hair products at Royale Hair Parlor, $9.50-$19.96 If you have a well-coiffed person on your list, head into Royale Hair Parlor for some products to help battle dry-winter-hair woes. Products photographed here (Sebastian potion No 9, Wella Brilliance, Sebastian Trilliance, Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo) will […]

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Royale Hair Parlor: A New Business on the Square

BY BRIDGETT HENWOOD A new hair salon has opened that offers cuts, art, and a learning experience. “When I moved to Bloomington I had an idea that I wanted to open a salon,” says owner Bridgett Vohland. She soon realized that there were few such places in Bloomington that offered “really advanced education programs within their salons.” To bring Bloomington some of her experience gained from 15 years of styling in Cincinnati and Chicago, and to offer resources for local stylists who want to further their education, she opened Royale Hair Parlor in July in the Wicks Building on the north side of the downtown Square. The salon offers an intimate learning environment for stylists. Vohland trains an apprentice until […]

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