Bloom’s 11th Annual Wedding Guide – Pleasant Surprises! (photo gallery)

Jourdan Eastling (left) and Sarah Hugus share a quiet moment after their ceremony. Photo by Icarus Photography PLEASANT SURPRISES! Couples who have been together for years can still find ways to surprise each another — or be surprised. Such was the case for each of the four couples featured in our 11th Annual Wedding Guide. For Carolyn Chang and Chris Wells, that surprise came from a change of venue. While they had planned an outdoor ceremony at the Rose Well House, a special site where they shared a magical midnight kiss, showers forced the ceremony into Indiana Memorial Union’s Tudor Room. Jourdan Eastling and Sarah Hugus had an even bigger surprise — the fact that they could get married at [...]

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10th Annual Wedding Guide: Make It Your Own

BY JULIE GRAY AND CARMEN SIERING Whether the proposal was a complete surprise or expected, as soon as the decision was made, the planning began on the four weddings featured in our 10th Annual Wedding Guide. The couples made sure their weddings reflected who they are and what they value. Aubrey Wathen and Jordan Hulls’ traditional ceremony was followed by a reception appropriately held in Indiana University’s Henke Hall of Champions. For Megan Tippmann and Ryan Kemp, it was most important that their friends and family have a relaxed, wonderful time. Alexis Fuson and Stefan Coonan live in Chicago, but the IU alums went all-out Hoosier for their big day. Michal Adut and DeJohn Rose had a beautiful, traditional Jewish wedding held in an unorthodox setting […]

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Hank Walter: Executive Director of the Indiana Memorial Union

BY MIKE LEONARD Over the past decade, it became a tradition in Hank Walter’s family to visit Bloomington at least twice a year and always to include a trip to get gingerbread cookies at Sugar & Spice bakery in the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU). Now the tempting sweet shop is just down the hall from his new office. Last summer, Walter, 52, was named executive director of the IMU — responsible for the entire 500,000-square-foot building, its facilities, and all of its programs. “From the time I started out in the college union profession, this place has always been an icon, one of the benchmarks and bright stars in the field. I knew of it long before I ever saw […]

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