CIP: College Internship Program Helping Students on Autism Spectrum

BY SUSAN M. BRACKNEY From teaching time management skills to helping students discover their passions, College Internship Program (CIP) Bloomington offers services which could benefit nearly anyone. However, the young adults assisted by the local transitional program fall on the autism spectrum or have other learning differences that make it difficult for them to navigate college or jump straight into a career after high school. “We work with students to develop goals and reach their highest potential,” explains CIP Bloomington Assistant Program Director Ellen Davidson. The program helps students develop both hard skills (such as how to navigate campus or plan meals) and soft skills (like emotional regulation and detecting social cues). “So much of what we do is automatic, […]

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Tom Morris: Athletic Trainer

BY SUSAN M. BRACKNEY After a 2012 mountain biking accident left Tom Morris paralyzed from the waist down, the longtime Indiana University strength and conditioning coach wondered how — and if — he’d ever get back to helping student athletes achieve peak performance. From his hospital bed, Morris ruminated on a class project he’d worked on in college. “It’s kind of ironic,” he recalls. “This project was for a therapy class. You had to use a wheelchair for a whole day. … At that point I was putting in a lot of volunteer hours and interning in the weight room, and, at the end of the day, I said, ‘There is no way that you could be a strength coach out […]

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Bloomington WoodWorks: A Different Kind of Co-Op

BY BARB BERGGOETZ A professional woodworker and furniture maker, James Bradley was tired of working alone in his home woodworking shop and having to drive to Indianapolis to buy furniture-grade wood that couldn’t be found locally. To help others avoid the same frustrations, Bradley, 33, started a unique co-op business in Bloomington that saves local woodworkers time, money, and effort, and where he provides instruction to novices and less-experienced woodworkers. In November, Bradley opened Bloomington WoodWorks, located at 415 W. 4th St. It offers people a safe, clean building in which to work on projects, and access to industrial-grade power tools and high-quality wood. “It’s just something I had wanted when I was still working at home,” says Bradley. “I […]

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