This living-room sitting area near corner windows allows a great view of nature year-round. Photo by Shannon Zahnle

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bloomingtonians, like the rest of the world, found themselves spending significantly more time at home—working, home-schooling children, or just staying safe. It made us wonder, of the many homes featured in the magazine over the past 15 years, which would be some of the most stylish, most comfortable places to quarantine.

And since, due to COVID-19 safety concerns, we were unable to photograph new places for this Homes issue, we decided to feature our favorite shelters from the storm.

Pictured here are four homes, whose owners, we feel, possess the creative vision that made their homes sanctuaries, even in these most difficult times.

A Modern Home With A Sense of History

Their future home had been on the market for just two hours when Sharon and Brad Fugate stepped inside with real estate agent Scott Owens in April 2012. “We made an offer on the spot,” says Sharon, who with Brad is the former proprietor of the Bloomington store Relish. “We are not impulsive people, but this was so right. We were smitten—it was absolute love at first sight.” Read more.

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