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4 Wednesday / August 4, 2021

Ileana Haberman | Pandemic Portraits 
Pop-Up Show

11:00 am to 05:00 pm on Aug 6
FAR Center for Contemporary Arts

Ileana Haberman | Pandemic Portraits
 Pop-Up Show

On view August 3rd through August 6th in the Atrium

Pandemic Portraits is a new series made entirely in quarantine by local embroidery artist Ileana Haberman. Finding and stitching patterns from the natural world provided meditative calm amidst the chaos of the pandemic. Ileana has combined many motifs encountered on hikes (as well as some dreamed up on the couch) with nude bodies as a way to find safety and set intentions in a languid time of fear and loneliness.

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4 Wednesday / August 4, 2021

Writers Guild Spoken Word Series

06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
ZOOM and Facebook Live

Drop a note on Facebook or email [email protected] and we will send you the ZOOM link


watch LIVE on the Writers Guild at Bloomington Facebook page


6pm EST

poets JL Kato, Antonia Matthew, Hiromi Yoshida
music by Michele Rosewoman

Sponsored in part by the Indiana Arts Commission, Bloomington Arts Commission, and the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association

HIROMI YOSHIDA, one of Bloomington’s finest and most outspoken poets, is a finalist for the 2019 New Women’s Voices Poetry Prize for Icarus Burning (Finishing Line Press, 2020) and a semifinalist for the 2020 Gerald Cable Book Award for Green Roses Bloom for Icarus. She is a freelance writer and editor, who has contributed to Limestone Post and The Bloomingtonian. She is also the diversity consultant for the Writers Guild at Bloomington, and the poetry workshop leader for the award-winning VITAL program at the Monroe County Public Library, while serving as a poetry reader for Flying Island Journal and for Plath Profiles, and as a copy editor for Gidra. Her poems have been nominated for inclusion in the Sundress Best of the Net anthology, and have been added to the INverse Poetry Archive. Her second poetry chapbook, Epicanthus, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press, her third one, Icarus Redux, from Alien Buddha Press. Preorder Epicanthus at: https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/epicanthus-by-hiromi-yoshida/

ANTONIA MATTHEW, originally from England, has lived in Bloomington since 1968. She is a member of Five Women Poets and with them has published three chapbooks and put out a CD. She grew up during WWII and this informs much of her work. Her play “Home Front,” which is built around the letters that she received from her father, who was fighting in Burma in WWII, has been performed live in Bloomington and is currently being produced in London as a full-cast audio dramatization.

JL KATO is a native of Japan who was adopted by an American serviceman and his Japanese bride. As a child, he became so assimilated into American culture that, to this day, he doesn’t know how to handle chopsticks. His poems have appeared in The Tipton Poetry Journal, The Flying Island, Country Feedback, Paterson Literary Review, Arts & Letters Journal of Contemporary Culture, and A Cocoon for the Pages: Matrix Anthology. He lives in Indiana, where he works as an editor. His book Shadows Set in Concrete won the poetry prize for Best Books of Indiana 2011.

MICHELE ROSEWOMAN, a vanguard and pioneering artist in her field, creates a distinct musical experience by digging deep into her vast reservoir of acoustic modern jazz, sophisticated funk, dynamic electric fusion, and elements of Cuban folkloric music. Her command and rich vocabulary elegantly expand the horizons and boundaries of jazz while remaining firmly rooted in tradition. With a more-than-40-year history, Rosewoman stands out in her class as a visionary pianist, composer, educator, bandleader and gifted performer. CD Now said: “No other pianist-composer in jazz brings the music of the African diaspora together quite like Michele Rosewoman. Simply put, she’s one of the most creative and fully realized jazz artists on the scene today.”

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