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25 Sunday / July 25, 2021

Trashion Refashion Runway Show 2021

07:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Switchyard Park Pavillion

The show features fashion designs made from trash and repurposed textiles. Trashion designs are produced using waste materials other than fabric. Past years’ shows included outfits constructed from yoga balls, cat food can lids, video tape, venetian blinds, and shrink wrap. Refashion designs give new life to unworn or discarded garments and household textiles including commemorative t-shirts, graduation gowns, tablecloths, and a Christmas tree skirt. The show seeks to change beliefs and behaviors about what role clothing plays in our lives. A true grassroots event, Trashion/ Refashion celebrates inclusion and diversity in our community with models and designers of all ages and experience levels. Our runway event has inspired designers, students, community members, and even children to find new ways to reuse discarded materials in a creative way. It’s an event for the whole family you don’t want to miss.

Children / Entertainment / Volunteering

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