6 Tuesday / March 6, 2018

Yoga Therapy for MS Class—Bloomington

09:15 am to 10:15 am

We are pleased to offer Yoga for MySelf: Yoga for MS for the thirteenth consecutive year. This gentle yoga therapy class is designed to address the specific needs and requirements of those with Multiple Sclerosis, and is led by an experienced C-IAYT yoga therapist specializing in yoga therapy for MS and other neurological conditions. Class size is restricted in order to ensure that proper attention and supervision are given to each attendee, with appropriate modifications as necessary.

Specialized yoga therapy classes include gentle, therapeutic yoga appropriate for those with MS; balancing of muscle groups, nerve stretches and range of motion; yoga to assist with proprioception, balance, and gait; recognizing forms of stress and tension which can cause fatigue, spasticity, and falls; and a focus on confidence and body awareness.

Yoga for MySelf classes meet on Tuesdays at 9:15 a.m. The location has handicap accessible parking, no stairs, non-slip floors, and wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Classes run in three-month modules; this module runs from March 6–May 29. Contact EquiLibrium Yoga Therapy & Thai Massage for yoga class information at 812-331-7423 or EquiLibriumYogaTherapy.com.

Education / Fitness / Health

6 Tuesday / March 6, 2018

Andrea Gibson at the Buskirk-Chumley

08:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Buskirk-Chumley Theater

“Do you want to hear the best story you’ve ever heard in your life?” Andrea Gibson asks into the microphone. The audience leans forward in silent anticipation. “So I met this woman and I went home to her house with her.” She pauses, “already a great story.” The audience erupts with laughter, a happy juxtaposition after being so quietly captivated. Smirking into the spotlight, Andrea continues, “…So we’re about to kiss for the very first time. And right before our lips touch, she jumps from the bed, runs to the closet and grabs a stethoscope, puts the ear thingies in my ears and slides the knob down her shirt onto her heart and says, ‘I want you to listen to my heart speed up when you kiss me.’ And I kissed her! And her heart got faster and faster y’all.” By this point the room itself almost feels like a stethoscope pumping with the galloping hearts of the fans. “Moral of the story, buy a stethoscope,” Gibson says, and there’s that laughter again, followed by music, and they launch into a love poem – with the members of the audience mouthing along.

You’re not alone if when you hear, “poetry show” and don’t envision a scene like this. But then chances are you’ve never seen Andrea Gibson perform live.

Gibson, one of the most celebrated and successful poets in the field, began their career in 1999 with a break-up poem at an open mic in Boulder, Colorado. Gibson then leaped into the forefront of spoken word poetry on the national scene in 2008 when they won the first ever Woman of the World Poetry Slam. Author of three collections of poetry and currently working on an illustrated collection of their most memorable quotes for Penguin (Winter 2018), Andrea has also released seven full-length albums.

The most recent album, HEY GALAXY, was created in the midst of another project as a result of the current political upheaval in the United States. Gibson was working on an album entirely about love, accompanied by an orchestra, but after the 2016 presidential election they felt moved to put forth a more social justice-oriented project. “There’s a quote that says, ‘Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.’ I wanted to do that. I wanted to make something political and human and gutsy in its revolt. Something beautiful in its sweetness and rage and vulnerability. Something loud and tender at the same time.”

Please join Andrea Gibson at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater for this powerful performance of poetry and spoken word.

Doors open at 7:30 for this reserved seating show. For each ticket purchased, one dollar will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

LGBT / Spoken Word

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