22 Sunday / March 22, 2020

Dive Deeper

02:00 pm to 02:30 pm
WonderLab Museum

Feverish Oceans: Imagine entire forests of trees just disappearing. The plants and animals that depend on these trees would also eventually die out. Because of climate change, this very phenomenon is happening in our oceans right now. As atmospheric temperatures climb here on land, oceanic hot-spots are developing rapidly and cold water organisms are beginning to feel the heat. Massive die-offs of entire kelp forests have begun cascades of loss in the species relying on these ecosystems. In this month’s Dive Deeper, learn what you can do to minimize your impact on our warming oceans.

Animals / Children / Education / Entertainment / Exhibits

22 Sunday / March 22, 2020

STEM Sunday

02:30 pm to 04:30 pm
WonderLab Museum

Join us this month to design art robots, newspaper structures and more! Work in teams to build models and machines and come up with unique solutions to that week’s challenge. Use everyday household materials like newspapers, tape and markers to create masterpieces using your science superpowers of observation, innovation and trial and error!

Children / Education / Entertainment

22 Sunday / March 22, 2020

An Evening with Josh Ritter: A Book of Gold Thrown Open

08:00 pm
Buskirk-Chumley Theater

“I was thinking back to some of my favorite concerts over the years, and I realized how many took place in spaces that were special in their own right. Cathedrals, synagogues, strange and storied theaters, each bring a special kind of glow to the performance.

I was also feeling the urge to play some of my quieter, more narrative songs that I may not always get the chance to perform during larger rock shows.

So I decided to put together a tour that would allow me to play these songs, and some new ones that I’ve been writing, in some of these beautiful spaces. I decided to call the tour “A Book of Gold Thrown Open.”

I’ll mainly be solo, but it’ll be a fun chance to have a few special guests and accompaniment. And most of all, I’m looking forward to singing these songs.

I hope you can make it! Rock on, and thank you.”

– Josh

Entertainment / Live Music

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