23 Thursday / March 23, 2017

Meet the Author: Anke Birkenmaier

05:00 pm
College Arts and Humanities Institute - 1211 East Atwater Avenue

Arguing that race has been the specter that has haunted many of the discussions about Latin American regional and national cultures today, Anke Birkenmaier’s recent book, “The Specter of Races,” shows how theories of race and culture in Latin America evolved dramatically in the period between the two world wars. In response to the rise of scientific racism in Europe and the American hemisphere in the early twentieth century, anthropologists joined numerous writers and artists in founding institutions, journals, and museums that actively pushed for an antiracist science of culture, questioning pseudoscientific theories of race and moving toward more broadly conceived notions of ethnicity and culture. Anke Birkenmaier is Associate Professor of Spanish & Portuguese at IUB.


23 Thursday / March 23, 2017

Shaolin Warriors

07:30 pm to 10:00 pm
IU Auditorium

Known throughout the world for their deadly martial-arts prowess, the Shaolin Warriors perform stunning and spectacular feats of athleticism.


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