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19 Tuesday / October 19, 2021

Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit (MC3)

08:30 am to 04:00 am
Zoom links provided at registration In-Person; Monroe County Public Library

For the past five years, Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County and Building a Thriving Compassionate Community (BTCC) have engaged community members annually for the Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit (MC3). We will revisit our original theme of “what surrounds us shapes us” and focus on moving from ideas to action. The MC3 theme is grounded in the understanding that children are shaped by the relationships they have, the neighborhoods they live in, the places they learn and play, and the community organizations that serve them. As we continue to build thriving compassionate communities, we know we must widen our focus from individual youth and families to the conditions that frame our lives. Every child is our child, therefore, we share a collective interest in our children’s future. We are excited for you to join us for practical tools and strategies that will build positive childhood conditions in Monroe County.


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