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3 Friday / September 3, 2021

September 3rd Gallery Walk

05:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Downtown Bloomington Galleries

September 2021 Gallery Walk
Friday, September 3rd

Cheers to our faithful Gallery Walkers!
This Labor Day Weekend, we are delighted to announce that all ELEVEN of our participating galleries will host live Gallery Walk Art Openings along our newly established “Arts Mile.”
Gallery Walk continues to offer safe and innovative ways to reach out to our community as we re-establish our “new normal”. We are pleased to share a variety of art experiences at each of our gallery spaces, including a pop-up exhibit and a community arts project. Please take note of our September events, exhibitions and gallery websites for our devoted GW followers.

Bloomington Rentals & Realty (OPEN)
**Check website for September exhibit information:

By Hand Gallery (OPEN)
Show Title: “Still Crazy After All These Years”
Artists: Collective Show featuring By Hand Gallery co-op members

Cook Center (OPEN)
Show Title: “The Arts of Resilience”
Two complementary exhibitions featuring:
“Nature’s Hues: Inkmaking in Book History & Book Art” presented by IU’s new Book Lab
“Traditional Arts & Resilience:Apprenticeships in Indiana during the Covid-19 Pandemic” presented by Traditional Arts Indiana www.go.iu.edu/cookcenter

Gallery B at Bloomingfoods (OPEN)
Show Title: “Conversations Within”
Artist: Lynn Barrett

Gallery SCG (OPEN)
**Check website for September exhibit information:

Monroe Convention Center Art Gallery (OPEN)
Show Title: “BPC Annual Juried Exhibit ”
Artists: Bloomington Photography Club

FAR Center for Contemporary Arts | Pictura Gallery (OPEN)
Show Title: “Velvet Generation”
Artists: Roman Franc, Vojtchec Slama & Gabriela Kolcavova
Show Title: “Sticking Together: A Community Tape Art Project”
Artists: Michael Townsend & Leah Smith

Rainbow Bakery (OPEN*)
Show Title: “The Rainbow Lounge ”
*One night only pop-up show
Artist: Angela Frezza

The Venue Fine Art & Gifts (OPEN)
**Check website for September exhibit information:

The Vault at Gallery Mortgage (OPEN)
Show Title: “Pause”
Artist: Robin Edmundson

Yarrow (OPEN)
**Check website for September exhibit information:

Cost: Free

For more information contact:

Gallery Walk Bloomington
(812) 361-4269
[email protected]


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