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29 Monday / September 29, 2014

An Artist Demonstration by Linda Meyer-Wright at The Venue.

05:30 pm to 07:30 pm
The Venue Fine Art & Gifts, 114 S. Grant

On Tuesday, September 23rd, beginning promptly at 5:30p.m., The Venue will host a demonstration of the artistic techniques of encaustic and alcohol ink painting on Yupo, by Artist Linda Meyer-Wright. Encaustic is the ancient technique of creating paintings in wax, with examples having been found in tact, dating back to the 5th Century. Alcohol Ink on Yupo is a contemporary technique that results in extemporaneous and vividly colorful paintings. Linda’s presentation will be informative, interactive, and fun.

Refreshments will be provided and our fine selection of paintings, jewelry, ceramics, and artistic gifts will also be on display for purchase. You can visit the following link for free parking options near The Venue: http://bloomington.in.gov/parksmart.

Join us.

Cost: Free

For more information contact:

Gabe Colman
[email protected]

Education / Entertainment / Exhibits

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