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21 Sunday / September 21, 2014

Back-story in the Back-water: A Guided Canoe/Kayak Trip

08:00 am to 12:00 pm
Pine Grove State Recreation Area

Guided canoe/kayak tour of Monroe Lake cultural history, Sep. 21

Monroe Lake is offering “Back-story in the Back-water” again on Sunday, September 21 at 8:00 a.m. This is a 4-hour guided canoe/kayak tour of Monroe Lake’s cultural history for intermediate/advanced paddlers.

The guide will discuss families that lived in the area pre-lake and how the land came to be a reservoir, as well as highlighting remnants that still remain of pre-reservoir days. The trip will launch from Pine Grove State Recreation Area, which is located off of State Road 446.

The trip is limited to 12 people, ages 15 and up. The program fee is $10 per person and registration is required by September 17 at http://bit.ly/backstorybackwatersep14.

Participants can bring their own canoe/kayak or rent one for the morning. The rental fee is $35 (for a 2-person canoe or a 1-person kayak) and includes life jackets and boat delivery/pickup.

There will be no canoe/kayak instruction; beginners may participate only if they are accompanied in the same canoe by an intermediate/advanced paddler.

Cost: $10 per person Program Fee; additional fee if you need to rent a canoe/kayak

For more information contact:

Paynetown Activity Center
[email protected]


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