25 Friday / May 25, 2018

The Best of Foreign and Domestic Art

06:00 pm to 07:00 pm
The Venue

On Friday, May 25th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The Venue will host an Exhibition of Paintings by two very distinctively different artists, Sven Forkjaer-Jensen of Denmark and Dan Alexander of Bloomington, USA, and for this reception featuring Sven.
Sven, who lives and works in Denmark, is a well known, mature artist who has shown his paintings throughout Europe, and also in New York, California and Florida galleries, in more than 100 exhibitions. He has received many awards and prizes, and his work is found in numerous prestigious private and public collections. Sven has over 40 year experience as an historian and artist. The Venue is pleased to host his first mid-America showing.
This exhibition is of paintings of visual memories that Sven has reconstructed, of outdoor situations from his childhood and young adulthood, ie. memory landscapes. Sven demonstrates the techniques of mixing oil and acrylic, and oil and charcoal, at their highest skill level, producing a calming, serene effect. These are paintings of a quality rarely seen in Bloomington.
At The Venue we prove that you do not have to travel to New York or California, or for that matter Denmark, to become the owner of great art.
Join us.

Cost: free

For more information contact:

Gabe Colman
(812) 339-4200
[email protected]


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