1 Friday / October 1, 2021

Unlocking Perception: new work by Rebecca Lowery

10:00 am to 05:30 pm on Nov 15
By Hand Gallery

By Hand Gallery is pleased to present our newest co-member Rebecca Lowery who has been a part of the Bloomington arts community for many years as an artist and a participant on the 4th Street Festival and Local Clay guild committees. Unlocking Perception will feature her most recent sculpted in clay, figurative work.

Lowery says about Unlocking Perception:
Humans are bizarre creatures. We construe our world with our minds and lock those perceptions firmly in place to “make sense” of our world. What happens when we release the locks? Our minds can perceive far more than just what is in front of us—if we allow our minds to wander. I love “unlocking” our set perceptions and rebuild the world in my own images.
Opening Reception: October 1st from 5–8 pm

Cost: none

For more information contact:

David Sloma
(812) 334-3255
[email protected]


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