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3 Sunday / June 3, 2018

Burlesque Basics & Entertainer Essentials – Week 1

04:00 pm to 05:30 pm
The Lodge

Welcome to Singe’s 6 week class series:

Burlesque Basics & Entertainer Essentials.

BBEE is a class series that will delve into the ins & outs of building a solid burlesque foundation. Whether you’re looking to do something private for yourself, or if you aspire to perform in front of a crowd of hundreds, you’ll learn the entertainer essentials of the art of Strip Tease.

Our class will be taught with an emphasis on Self Empowerment, Self Love, & Body Positivity, while also exploring the big sparkly world of Burlesque. These will be non discriminatory classes. All genders, ethnicities, creeds, sexual orientations, & bodies are welcome.

BBEE will be a fundamentals series that will cover everything from creating stage name to developing a stage persona. You will learn about the history & origins of Burlesque, as well feminism & the modern metamorphosis of the neo-burlesque movement. We will focus on how to build a performance, roles within the workings of a show, etiquette on & off the stage, costuming, music, poses, movement, lip syncing, and choreography.

Classes are $10 per class & drop ins are welcome.

If you cannot attend all 6-classes in this series, you can still purchase the 6 week series and apply the class credits to any of our non-workshop classes.

Wanna bring a friend? Bring a friend & receive a $5 credit to use towards any of Singes classes or workshops!

You can pay in cash, or via Paypal.
If you purchase the classes up front as a series, for $60 you will receive:
All 6 classes
PLUS your very own copy of the official The Burlesque Handbook, by Jo “Boobs” Weldon! (If you would like to do that, please write “Full class series” as the note)

If you do not opt to buy the class in a series, that’s okay! You can still buy the book separately for $15, if you like.

Attire will be dance/workout, belly dance, or yoga clothes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact.

Cost: $10 (walk-ins welcome)

For more information contact:

(812) 361-0215
[email protected]

Comedy / Dance / Education / Entertainment / Fitness / Health / LGBT / Theater

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